Key Personnel

Some very important key personnel in any storm management system are the support staff.  These support staff may be just one person if you are a small entity.  In fact, for companies who are just starting out, the dispatcher may be the support staff too. If you should decide that you don’t yet need or require separate employees to do these tasks, so be it.

The Area Supervisor will begin the initial paperwork flow.  This person obtains pertinent field information such as start and end times for plow personnel, what was plowed, when site conditions in the general geographic area of responsibility.  Samples of such documents are contained in the appendix.  Once the snow event is over the Area Supervisor turns in this paperwork to the dispatcher.  The dispatcher checks to make sure that all lines are filled in, and that all the required data is there.  This should be done immediately upon being turned in, and should be done with the Area Supervisor present.  If this is not possible due to logistics, then the document should be faxed to the Dispatch office for processing.