The Economic Impact of Effective Snow Removal on Businesses

Posted: Oct 31, 2023

Although it waited to sneak in right at the end of October, we finally have our first snow of the 2023-2024 snow season! With 6.5″ recorded at DIA, this has suddenly become the second-snowiest October in the last 12 years. Luckily, most businesses in the Denver area were able to rely on their commercial snow removal contractors to quickly clear their properties and keep business going.

It’s no secret that snow and ice removal can be expensive. It’s a time consuming process that involves specialized equipment and expertise to perform properly. While some business owners may see commercial snow removal contracts simply as money spent and gone with the wind, commercial snow removal is an essential service for businesses that can actually save money and minimize the loss of revenue in the winter.

In this article, we will discuss the ways that commercial snow removal can affect your finances and how it can save money for your business in the long run:

5 Ways that Commercial Snow Removal Can Affect Your Finances

  1. Reduced Equipment Costs, Maintenance, and Material Waste

    What may be the most obvious financial advantage of hiring a commercial snow removal contractor is the fact that you won’t have to buy and maintain your own equipment and vehicles to keep your property clear. Snow blowers, plows attached to trucks, skid steers, and salt spreaders can easily cost thousands on their own, and keeping everything running isn’t cheap either.

    You can also drastically reduce material costs by contracting a snow removal company. Instead of having to go out and buy a dozen bags of de-icer for yourself after a major snow event, your contractor will already have the material costs factored into your payment plan. They will also have the right equipment to apply de-icers more efficiently, cutting down on waste.

    Although all businesses should keep the bare essentials of snow removal handy—a couple shovels, a few bags of de-icer, etc.—hiring a snow removal contractor will keep equipment and material costs to a minimum on your end.

  2. Reduced Risk of Lawsuits and Fines

    Winter accidents are a far-too-common occurrence and can severely impact your business’ livelihood. All it takes is one nasty slip-and-fall lawsuit, and your business can end up in a huge financial hole. Although all cases and circumstances are unique, most slip-and-fall cases settle anywhere between $10,000-$50,000. Even with your insurance covering a portion of that, your business could still be on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars. Likewise, fines due to non-compliance with local laws and ordinances can also leave a dent in your finances. The best way to keep your property clear and free of liability concerns is to contract a commercial snow removal company and develop a solid winter property plan.

  3. Reduced Risk of Property Damage and Repairs

    While it may seem appealing from a financial standpoint to skip a commercial snow removal contract and just let your employees handle things, this can actually be much more expensive in the long run. Untrained employees are much more likely to damage equipment during use, which can lead to costly repairs and an increased risk of accidents during that downtime. This can also lead to property damage. Improper use can damage curbs, walkways, plants, and other landscape features, as well as customer or employee vehicles and public property. Two huge reasons that commercial snow removal companies are so essential are:

    • They have the proper training to operate snow removal equipment safely
    • They have the experience to identify potential problems while operating and determine the best ways to avoid accidents or property damage
  4. Increased Employee Productivity and Fewer Worker’s Compensation Claims

    One way that commercial snow removal services can impact your finances in the long run is that they will keep your employees focused on their daily tasks in the company instead of having to put their workload aside and go shovel snow. Snow removal can take several hours, depending on how much snow is on the ground and the size of the property, and that means your employees are spending that time away from their actual jobs.

    Another thing that can affect employee productivity is having people miss work due to workplace injuries. Slip-and-falls, sprains, and strains make up the majority of worker’s compensation claims in winter, so having your own employees handle snow removal is not only putting them at increased risk of accidents, but it can also lead to higher insurance premiums.

  5. Reduced Risk of Business Interruptions

    Another way that snow and ice can affect your business during the winter is by deterring or outright preventing customers from coming to you. Quick response times and effective snow removal are key to keeping your doors open. Even if it will take a few hours to completely clear the property, you can keep business going by clearing:

    • The property entrance and a path to the front area of the parking lot
    • The first row or two of parking spaces closest to the building, especially disability parking
    • A path from the parking lot to the building entrance, including all accessibility ramps, stairs, etc.

    By keeping this bare minimum clear at all times, this will allow customers to safely come and go as they please while the contractor continues clearing the rest of the property. Having a pre-determined area to safely store snow, or hauling it off-site completely, is another important factor to keep business interruptions to a minimum.

See How Commercial Snow and Ice Management Can Impact Your Bottom Line with SMS

Our team of experts has the equipment and experience to keep your Denver area commercial property safe during even the roughest winter weather. With more than 25 years of experience, we can tailor a snow management plan that fits your needs and budget. We are fully equipped to offer the full range of snow and ice removal services that will keep your property safe and presentable no matter what Mother Nature brings our way.

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