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Winter Salting & De-Icing

The safety of your business employees, customers, and associates is the ultimate goal of Snow Management Services. One of the ways we achieve that goal is to make sure that your property is cleared of any ice buildup that may form during a winter snowstorm. The ice that can settle beneath the snow can be treacherous to pedestrians, and drivers alike. Slips and slides can easily occur, causing everything from fender benders to serious injury.

Preventing Ice Build Up

We consider the different methods that may be used for deicing commercial properties and use some variables to determine the ones that will work best for your particular property. We can apply liquid deicers before the bad weather hits, or directly to an existing ice formation. Solid deicing materials are also efficient, and time-saving, and work best when we spread them directly onto a snow accumulation. Using a combination of both solid and liquid deicers, along with a plowing and clearing regimen, we can help prevent accidents on your commercial property.

In deciding on the best course of action for meeting your needs, our professionals in the deicing department at SMS will consider the type of surface we will be dealing with, including the temperature ranges that it will be exposed to. Both liquid and solid deicing methods are temperature effective and we will not use them if weather conditions are apt to cause temperatures to fall below a particular level. Timing is also a consideration. If a snowstorm is expected to start out as rainfall, we will not apply deicer beforehand, as it would only be washed away. We want to avoid less than successful results or having to make numerous re-applications.

Protecting Your Landscaping

Protecting the environment is a major concern at SMS. Before recommending a deicing plan we will check out the surroundings noting what the runoff off from the liquid chemicals or corrosive elements of salt and sand may affect. We will pay attention to things like the landscape, and water supplies.

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