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  • Trustworthy

    Snow Management Services (SMS) has earned my trust and my confidence over these many years that I have used them. They continue to provide the type of service that I look for in a snow removal company. As anybody who is in the business knows, snow events are an unpredictable business, and so it is important to have someone with whom you can rely on to both do the job effectively, quickly, and take care of any special needs that you may have - [SMS] does that exactly the way that I need.
    Chris Atwood, Property Manager, Transwestern Commercial
    - Chris Atwood, Property Manager, Transwestern Commercial
  • Wonderful Communication

    One thing I really love about Snow Management Services (SMS) is they have very good communication. When a storm is coming into Denver, they send e-mails out that will let us know what is anticipated when they plan to have trucks out and what their plan of attack is. It's really helpful to have all that information prior to a big storm.
    Carrie Parker, RPA, LEED AP O+M, Vice President, Regional Property Management, Westcore Properties, LLC
    - Carrie Parker, RPA, LEED AP O+M, Vice President, Regional Property Management, Westcore Properties, LLC
  • Great Customer Service

    Their customer service is really top notch. Working with Snow Management Services (SMS), you feel like you could be their only customer. We had a bad ice storm this year in Denver, where we tried to stay green and work with our LEED Certification. Snow Management Services (SMS) taught us about a new product that kept everyone safe and comfortable around the clock. All in all, I'm really happy and satisfied with the service Snow Management Services (SMS) provides.
    Courtney Ziminiski, formerly with ReMax Plaza, now General Manager at Jones Lang LaSalle
    - Courtney Ziminiski, formerly with ReMax Plaza, now General Manager at Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Great Follow-Up

    I have used Snow Management Services (SMS) for over 15 years at several office buildings that I have managed. I always highly recommend Snow Management Services (SMS) due to their great customer service and great follow-up.
    Lori Moriarty, Property Manager, Management Services Transwestern
    - Lori Moriarty, Property Manager, Management Services Transwestern
  • Long-Term Partnerships

    ...I have maintained services throughout the years with Snow Management Services and Groundmasters due to pricing, customer service, response time, communication, cost-saving measures, fairness, honesty, and integrity. I have always managed a portfolio in excess of one million square feet, so the quality of service and your company's style of being proactive are extremely important to my success in the role of the property manager and our customer's expectations. The systems [they] have put in place to communicate, [they're] professional, coupled with [the staff's] professionalism, have created an outstanding long-term partnership.
    - Jane Montgomery, Operations Manager, First Industrial Realty Trust
  • Very Attentive to My Needs

    I have worked with Snow Management Services(SMS) for over 9 years, and have been very pleased with their response times, and communication levels. They are very attentive to my needs.
    - Garry Duncan - Warehouse / Logistics Lead
  • Great job in Every Aspect of the Snow Removal Process

    The SMS team makes the entire snow season much more manageable with communication before, during, and after the season. Kim’s forecast emails are much appreciated before each round of snow and ice that we do or sometimes don’t get hit with per the forecast from the local news. The teams that come to the property to remove the snow are always very professional, polite, and hard working! They do a great job in every aspect of the snow removal process. We couldn’t be happier to work with SMS
    - Ronni F. - Building Manager
  • Safer Parking Lots and Lessened Stress

    SMS took us in during the middle of snow season 2022-2023 while we were in the midst of our snow removal struggles with another vendor. The SMS team were ready to jump in to handle our property, Centrum HC Center, a medical complex with many tenants and patients. SMS was able to provide us with expert management of our surface lot and upper level exposed parking garage.
    Previously, we had snow piles in our perimeter spaces and in the drive lanes of our surface lot, as well as an unplowed, uncovered garage parking. This caused much grief for our tenants and their patients who experienced decreased parking spaces and slippery parking lots.
    SMS promised that they could perform “snow removal” in an efficient manner and eliminate these obstacles for us. And they did. We began this past snow season with trepidation, large snow removal bills, and many unhappy situations; but, when SMS stepped in, we ended the season with safer parking lots and lessened stress from potential tenant/patient slip and falls.
    SMS is now our contracted snow removal partner. Because of their professional presence and their responsiveness to our dilemma.
    We look forward to more dependable and reliable experiences with SMS.
    - Rose Greek - Tenant Services Coordinator