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How We Manage Risks Safely

There are certain risks involved with any emergency services business. For the benefit of our customers, Snow Management Services is pro-active about presenting a risk management plan to be included in any agreed upon contract.

We have found that the best way to manage risk is to identify it, evaluate it, and determine the best way to curb it.

Managing Risk is a Process

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The first step is to assess the risk specific to any particular property. We will literally walk the property with the business owner/operator, to identify areas of primary concern – where there may be a higher risk of incident or damages.

SMS Risk ManagementIf excess snow is to be stored onsite, we will map out the areas that have been designated for that purpose, so that our crews can refer to the ground plan before they begin their work. If there are any pre-existing irregularities on the property, they can be identified and noted.

SMS customers are encouraged to define the degree of services they require. This can be determined according to the amount of snow that has fallen, limited to exact areas on the property, or defined by any other particular circumstances our client may want to designate. If everybody is on the same page from the start our goal for customer satisfaction is more likely to be met.

Once the objectives have been pinned down, SMS can be ready to provide their services. When a snowstorm hits, our work crews will be dispatched to the site. They will focus on the pre-determined priority areas, working to clear the way for incoming and outgoing traffic. Changing weather conditions will be monitored constantly, and we will stay in communication with our client throughout the entire snow removal process so that they will be apprised of our progress.


Follow up is an important part of our services at SMS. Our equipment operators will have kept a log during the snow event, outlining their step by step headway, the weather conditions they were working under, as well as noting the time in and time out data. Any particular problems that may have caused concern will be recorded in the log. All of this information will be useful to us, and to our customer for consideration, and future reference.

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