Snow Removal Technology: Advancements and Innovations for Commercial Properties

Posted: Dec 01, 2023

With the holiday rush in full swing, businesses need quick response times and effective services in order to stay clear, dry, and safe after winter storms. Minimizing business interruptions is essential during the holiday season, so commercial snow removal companies are constantly searching for new ways to make snow removal faster, better, and safer. Thankfully, as the world becomes more and more connected by the internet, smart technology, and apps, snow removal isn’t being left behind.

In this article, we will discuss five big advancements in snow removal technology that will make it easier to keep your commercial property snow- and ice-free:

5 Innovative Snow Management Technologies for Commercial Properties

  1. Heated Snow Mats

    Snow removal can be incredibly easy if snow doesn’t have a chance to accumulate at all. Heated industrial-grade snow mats effectively melt snow and ice and are made to withstand heavy foot traffic during the holiday rush. They are available in a variety of sizes, making them a great choice for building entrances, walkways, stairs, and mobility ramps. Smart controls allow them to operate with the touch of a button or even automatically via temperature sensors.

  2. Slab Heaters

    Slab heaters are another innovation that can drastically reduce the need for manual snow removal. Slab heaters work just like heated mats, but are embedded into the concrete or asphalt instead of laying on top of them. Slab heaters can work anywhere that heated mats do, but they are a more permanent solution. They are also great for large areas like walkways, building entrances, and even larger areas like parking lots. They can also operate automatically, and they are generally controlled by apps.

  3. Gutter and Roof Heaters

    Gutters and roofs are often overlooked after winter storms, but they can lead to big hazards if not cared for properly. Gutters that don’t drain properly can create ice dams that cause extensive damage to roofs, walls, and other parts of the building. Likewise, snow and ice buildup on roofs can break loose and fall in large chunks, greatly increasing the risk of personal injuries.

    A big innovation in preventing ice dams and leaky roofs is the use of gutter heaters and roof heaters to melt snow and ice out of arm’s reach. These heaters will keep roofs and gutters clear and dry after winter weather, protecting both people and the building itself.

  4. GPS, Fleet Management Systems, and Route Optimization

    Effective fleet management is one of the biggest challenges that commercial snow contractors face. It’s essential to properly plan out who goes where–as well as the most efficient routes to do so–in order to keep response times and fuel usage to a minimum. By using GPS tracking and fleet management systems, contractors can see where their vehicles are in real time and plot out the most efficient routes to get to all of their clients faster.

  5. Autonomous/Remote Control Snow Removal

    As automation and “driverless” technology become more and more attainable, it’s no surprise that snow removal is also starting to take advantage of their benefits. Autonomous and remote control snow blowers, as well as driverless snow plow trucks, are exciting technologies that ensure effective snow removal service after rough winter storms without placing personnel at risk and allowing them to focus on other tasks.

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