What’s the Difference Between Snow Plowing and Snow Removal?

Posted: Nov 30, 2022

When it comes to snow contractor services, not all services are created equal. When it comes to tackling snow on parking lots, sidewalks, and other hardscapes, there are a few key terms thrown around: snow plowing and snow removal… they’re really just the same thing, right?

Many businesses use the terms interchangeably, but there is actually a distinct difference between snow plowing and snow removal. Knowing the difference can help prevent any misunderstandings and ensure you’re getting the services you expect.

This month we will discuss the difference between snow plowing and snow removal, and how to determine which service is best for your business:

Snow Plowing vs Snow Removal

The easiest way to differentiate snow plowing and snow removal is to break down what these services entail:

  • Snow plowing is simply clearing the property and pushing all the snow to an easily accessible location on the property for storage. All that’s really needed is a vehicle with a plow on the front to clear out the parking lot and push the snow out of the way of cars and pedestrians.
  • Snow removal is essentially snow plowing with additional steps. It consists of clearing the property and then gathering all of the snow to be hauled off-site, instead of stored on the property. It requires more equipment – generally a truck to take the snow off the property, and a large loader to both push the snow and load it onto the truck for removal.

Do I Need Snow Plowing or Snow Removal For My Property?

Figuring out the best option for your property’s needs depends on a few key factors:

  1. Your Budget

    When it comes to comparing prices, snow plowing is definitely the cheaper option. Snow removal is expensive because hauling snow is more involved and time consuming than simple plowing.

  2. Your Property’s Size

    Your property’s size is another important factor; many smaller properties won’t have the space available to store snow, which may dictate that you need snow removal services to keep your property safe.

  3. Finding A Suitable Location to Store Snow On The Property

    In some cases, it may be perfectly fine to just push all the snow to the far, unused corner of the lot and leave it be. However, there isn’t always a great location to store snow on the property where it won’t create its own set of hazards and increase the risk of accidents or injuries.

When it comes to choosing the right snow services for your business, the best bet is to have a certified snow contractor inspect the property and put together a winter management plan that will address your property’s specific requirements.

Looking for Snow Plowing or Snow Removal Services for Your Denver Business or Commercial Property?

Snow Management Services is Here to Help

For over 25 years, SMS has been the preferred snow removal contractor for hundreds of commercial properties in the Denver area. Whether your property needs simple snow plowing or more thorough snow removal services, it all starts with winter property planning. Taking the time to identify the most efficient way to keep your property clear, and highlighting any possible trouble areas, is the best way to ensure quick and effective service.

Quickly removing snow and de-icing is critical so that parking lots and sidewalks stay clear, reducing the risk of winter accidents or injuries. Our team is committed to rapid response times during even the roughest winter weather to keep your property safe.

To see how SMS can help keep your Denver-area business or commercial property protected from winter weather, give us a call today at (303) 750-8867 or get in touch with us online to get started.