Snow Removal for Churches in Denver

Winter Planning, Snow Clearing & Deicing

Safety Through Colorado Winters

The winter months are beautiful in Colorado, especially with the view of the snow-covered Rockies present everywhere you go. But winter weather means that properties with lots of foot traffic need to have a proper plan for snow and ice removal. This is especially true for churches. Sundays may be a critical time for clearing, but we understand the need for safety every day through the winter. Ensuring the safety of everyone who comes onto the church grounds is essential.

Managing Winter Risks

Slips and fall incidents are the most frequent cause of liability insurance claims for churches in the winter. One of the best ways to ensure that you are covered is to contract an insured snow removal company to handle all of your needs. Finding a reliable, trustworthy company may seem difficult, so we’re here to help.

To begin, you should always perform a walk-through of the grounds to identify the areas that will need to be tended to. Entrances and exits, walkways, stairways, and parking lots all need to be inspected to come up with the best plan for service. Also inspect where meltwater and runoff will move on the property, identifying areas where water will pool up and freeze, causing slip and fall risks. Our team can help by getting your winter planning started today.

As well-equipped snow contractor we will be able to handle anything that winter can bring, ensuring the safety of anyone who comes onto the church grounds. Experienced, certified and insured safety is a huge priority for us.

Snow Removal Agreements

Something to consider is what type of contract you wish to sign. Depending on your budget and how much snow you generally get during the winter, this can affect what type of contract is best.

Pay-by-the-push contracts charge each time the contractor arrives on the property for snow removal. These can be a cost-effective plan for your church; if your area does not receive a lot of snowfall, these plans can save a lot of money over the winter months. You only pay when you need snow removal, no more no less. This can make budgeting for snow removal services more difficult since you won’t know ahead of time just how many pay-by-the-push services you may need over the entire course of winter.

Lump-Sum contracts generally pay a flat monthly fee that covers a predetermined number of cleanups. Any cleanups beyond that number are then charged as pay-by-the-push. These contracts can make budgeting much easier, but guessing how many cleanups you will need may backfire if you have more snowfalls than expected.

Fixed monthly plans are generally offered as full-service, year-round plans to perform snow removal and landscaping services. The church will be able to spread out their payments evenly over the year, and you will be covered in the winter regardless of how many snow cleanups you may need. When the seasons change, the services will easily transition from snow removal to groundskeeping. This also means that the same company will work on your grounds year-round, and will get to know every little bit of the property like the back of their hand.

Getting Your Church Started

No matter which service plan your church may be interested in, Snow Management Services is here for you. SMS has been working in Denver for over 25 years ensuring that our clients’ properties have the safest conditions no matter what winter can throw at them. Give us a call at (303) 750-8867 or fill out a contact form today!