Snow Management Services Prepare Well Before Their Busy Season Begins

Posted: Jul 27, 2015

It is not unusual for a snow removal service to start thinking about the next winter season as soon as the last one ends. They will start by going over each existing customer contract, reviewing the services that were rendered during the season, and what pieces of equipment were used. They will contact every customer personally to make sure expectations were met, and determine if any concerns need to be addressed.

A growing business experiences changes along the way. Some people move on, and others move up. The physical properties of the business may also undergo change. Additional parking facilities may be needed, office buildings added, or re-constructed, or the number of sidewalks, and entryways increased. That is why an agent from your snow removal service will meet with you during the summer months, and retrace the steps of your property, noting the changes, and re-mapping, if necessary. This will give the heavy equipment operators plenty of time to go over the new revisions, and be made aware of any new developments.

The off season is the perfect time to see to any repairs, or replacement of service equipment. Snow plows, blowers, and trucks will be expected to operate during extreme weather conditions, and for long periods of time. They will need to have been maintained, so that they are up to the task.

Besides equipment, a snow removal service will need to think about the types, and amounts of materials that they will need to have on hand for the upcoming season, including de-icers, anti-icers, along with sand and salting solutions. They will want to have a close account of their clientele, both new, and returning customers, in order to be fully stocked. Snow removal products are constantly being introduced to the market, so a service representative will check with his suppliers, to see if there are any new compounds that sound promising.

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