SIMA Raises The Bar

Posted: Sep 08, 2015

SIMA is the acronym for the Snow and Ice Management Association. It was conceived in 1996 and is made up of the members of the international snow and ice management industry. SIMA strives to facilitate the successful containment of hazardous weather related conditions that may hinder the normal operations of a business routine. They are concerned with keeping standards high and helping operators achieve their goals of excellence in their chosen field of snow management.

Every well established business cooperative is represented by some basic principles which members pledge to abide by. SIMA requires that snow management business owners who want to be recognized by the association take advantage of every opportunity to fine tune their skills. The organization offers conferences and educational seminars held for the benefit of employers who are looking to expand their horizons.

There are situations that arise in the snow management business that often call for contracting out some of the work. SIMA encourages their business owners to adjust contracts accordingly and respect the efforts of associates, and compensate them fairly.

There are times when local and federal regulations have some say in the way snow management companies may conduct their business. Traffic regulations for instance may dictate how and where heavy equipment can be routed. SIMA expects full cooperation under such circumstances.

Becoming a Certified Snow Professional means that a snow management businessman has lived up to the highest standards that the industry stands for. Receiving certification sets him apart from others in his field. It signifies his recognition as a seriously minded businessman who is dedicated to improving the competency of his enterprise while keeping the protection of the environment in mind.

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