SIMA Is Represented At SMS

Posted: Nov 23, 2015

SIMA, the Snow and Ice Management Association is now among the organizations that have been approved to hand out certificates of accreditation. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) only qualifies those organizations that have exhibited the ability to judge that a business has earned the right of certification according to the standards of their particular profession.

The ultimate goal of ANSI is to protect the consumer and his or her environment by setting down certain guidelines for operations. Some of the standards that apply to snow management services concern the kinds of equipment they employ and how it is used.

Snow throwers for instance, are definitely a few steps above shovels when it comes to helping keep sidewalks clear of snow accumulations, but they’re also a lot noisier. Management services companies must keep in mind the safety concerns of their own operators as well as the customers and personnel of their clients by keeping engine noise and exhaust to a minimum.

The ANSI has composed a list of safe practices for snow management services to follow where snow removal practices are concerned. They deal with issues of where to place the excess snow on a property in order to cause the least interference with day to day operations. One of the most important things that they stress is that plow drivers are careful not to pile snow where it could block access to a fire hydrant or any emergency outlet.

Snow piles will eventually melt so work crews should be careful not to put them where the runoff will flow into a parking area and refreeze into a sheet of ice.

If a snowfall is substantial enough it may be necessary for a management company to remove it from the site. Management planners should foresee this possibility and make arrangements to move the snow to a predetermined off site location.

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