Risk Management Is A Major Factor

Posted: Aug 17, 2015

The first rule in risk management is to know what you’re dealing with. Before a snow management service contracts with a customer, a representative will want to tour the property that is to be maintained. By familiarizing himself with the grounds he will better able to identify any potential danger zones and map them out so that work crew members can be alerted and prepared.

Recognizing the areas on the premises that may be most vulnerable to damages from a heavy snowfall is the initial step in the process of assessing risk. An experienced snow management advisor will be able to spot the signs of a weak roofing system for instance, or covered walkways that could easily turn into a hidden hazard. A concrete sidewalk can quickly become a sheet of ice that may be covered by blowing snow.

Appraising the danger is also important. A business owner has to be aware of his liability for any personal injury to the people who come onto his property. Customers, employees and service people are all vulnerable. The machinery, production materials and utilities are also at risk if they are not protected from the possibility of a major snowstorm.

Once an appraisal has been made and all the likely scenarios explored, a snow management professional will sit down with the business owner and go over his observations. From there they can work out a plan for damage control that will provide the best possible protection against any serious repercussions from the next substantial storm.

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