Retail & Shopping Center Snow Removal in Denver

We'll cover the things to consider for winter risk management for Retail Complex's and Shopping Center's.

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When winter is approaching, property managers need to make sure they have an effective snow and ice removal plan in place. Being liable for the safety of customers and tenants is a huge responsibility, and there are many different things to take into account when making sure that you have your bases covered. A retail/shopping center requires different services and has different needs than a stand-alone store or office building, and hiring a professional snow removal service that is aware of these requirements can be a huge relief for property managers and ensures that your property meets all local laws and ordinances. Things to consider for retail/shopping center snow and ice removal are:

  1. Snow Plowing, Shoveling, and Clearing

    The size and layout of the sidewalks, outdoor common areas, and the parking lot need to be taken into account to determine the best method and equipment for snow removal. For example, using a five-foot-wide plow on a four-foot-wide sidewalk is likely to damage grass, flower beds, or other objects alongside the sidewalk. Noting where other obstacles are on your property such as curbs, medians, and light poles will help to avoid any damage.

    Shoveling or blowing the snow away may be a better option in certain areas of your property. Determining the specific needs of the different locations and businesses on your property will ensure the right care is taken, such as making sure more ice melt is laid down around high-traffic walkways or stairs.

  2. Snow Hauling & Snow Storage Plans

    A cheap solution to the problem of what to do with all the snow once it has been moved is called snow banking, where you simply find a suitable area on your property to push it all into a big pile. However, be aware that it can take several weeks (or even months!) for large snow banks to melt completely. If you don’t have an area where you can safely keep all the snow on your property, or a storm drops a large amount of snow on you, it might be a good idea to have the snow hauled off-site by a professional service.

  3. Drainage & Icing Risks

    Knowing where water flows and puddles up on your property is an often-overlooked but incredibly important factor of snow removal because those areas are more likely to freeze over and create slipping hazards. A professional snow removal service will be able to identify these areas and ensure that enough ice melt and other precautions will be taken to keep customers and tenants safe.

  4. City Laws & Ordinance

    Making sure that your snow and ice removal are obeying all local laws in incredibly important for a property owner. Slip and fall accidents can not only result in ugly liability lawsuits, but also hefty fines from your local government for failing to maintain certain requirements. These can vary from city to city, and so it is advisable to consult an attorney to make sure that you are meeting all the legal obligations for your area.

  5. Finding A Professional Snow Removal Service

    Even though looking for a snow removal company may not be difficult (especially here in the Denver area) finding the right company is another deal. Dependability can mean the difference between being open for business the day after a snowstorm or missing out on potential customers and revenue. Searching for a company that has experience working with properties similar to yours in a great start. Choosing a company that has contractors insurance (which they should have) will also cover any accidents or damage done to customer’s vehicles or other property.

If you own a retail or shopping center in the Denver area and are in need of professional snow removal services, Snow Management Services (SMS) is here for you. We have over 25 years of experience managing commercial snow plowing, hauling, de-icing, and risk management for our clients, no matter what type of commercial property. Our highly trained and seasoned staff are more than ready to handle any snow and ice removal needs you have. Call us today at (303) 750-8867 or contact us online to make sure your commercial property is taken care of when winter comes.