Parking Lot Snow Plowing in Denver

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“takes pride in performing snow removal services in an efficient, effective and fiscally responsible manner,” “providing snow response to approximately 1,900 lane miles of main streets, or most streets with stripes.” – The City of Denver Public Works Department

The City of Denver does not provide parking lot plowing beyond its own properties and public lots. Denver also requires snow to be cleared from privately owned lots and walkways within 24 hours of snowfall. This also applies to most other towns and counties within the Denver Metro Area.

You always have the choice to perform this task yourself, though we never recommend DIY snow removal for both personal and property liability purposes. Additionally, it can often be less expensive to outsource this service instead of hiring a crew member on payroll and providing the equipment required.

Half the battle of snow removal is knowing where to store it, as local regulations prohibit relocating snow to block a roadway, walkway, or sidewalk. Also, leaving a large ‘mountain’ of snow on the property can be an eyesore for your guests and employees, and can damage lawns if left on the grass. On top of this, you may be the manager of a smaller property, or in an urban area, and not even have the space to drop it locally. Snow Management Services is equipped to haul the snow off-site to a designated drop area if necessary.

Our Accredited Snow Contractors Association certified crew are on call whenever the snow falls, day or night, ready to keep your parking lot clean and clear all winter long, with no hassle to you. Don’t wait until it’s too late and your lot is buried, get in touch with us today, before winter strikes.