New Year’s Resolution: Hire a Snow Contractor

Posted: Jan 14, 2022

From all of us at Snow Management Services, we’d like to wish you a Happy New Year! With the new year comes the chances for self-improvement, and – we hope – more snow through the rest of the winter. We need all the help we can get to ease our historic drought conditions along the Front Range and the western US as a whole.

Maybe you have been trying to handle snow and ice on your own in the past, or have recently stepped up to owning or managing a business or commercial property – whatever the reason, there’s no time like the start of the new year to look into professional snow and ice removal services.

While many New Year’s Resolutions may have already been broken, there’s one that property owners in the Denver area can easily keep: hiring a commercial snow removal contractor to maintain their business or property when winter weather pops up.

Start The New Year Off Right With A Professional Commercial Snow Contractor

If your business or commercial property isn’t already protected by a commercial snow contractor, here’s why you should consider hiring one:

  1. Contractors Reduce Your Liability Concerns

    What’s arguably the biggest advantage of hiring a snow removal contractor is that they reduce your business or property’s risk of liability. By documenting when services have been performed, you may be able to avoid costly personal injury lawsuits, property damage claims, and non-compliance fines. Using a snow removal contractor also reduces the risk of your own employees being injured or involved in accidents while trying to clear snow and ice themselves.

  2. Contractors Are Prepared For Harsh Conditions

    Contractors are well prepared for rough winter weather. A good contractor will have the right certifications and proper insurance to show they know what they’re doing and are covered should something happen.

    ASCA, SIMA CSP, and ISO SN9001:2016 are the leading certifications for snow removal companies.

    Professional snow removal contractors also are better-equipped than most businesses trying to handle their own snow and ice removal. Professional-grade snow plows, sand/salt spreaders, and angle brooms are just some of the equipment they may have on hand, in addition to high-quality ice melt products and even dump trucks able to haul snow off the property if needed. Contractors generally have large crews as well, allowing them to respond quickly to bad weather and finish the job quickly and safely.

  3. Contractors Are Usually Less Expensive Than Going It Alone

    While many businesses may see snow removal services as just another expense that takes away from their bottom line, the truth of the matter is often the opposite. Snow removal contractors can actually help you save money in the long run for a few key reasons:

    • Because they use their own equipment and materials, there’s no need for you to purchase or rent your own equipment (but you should always keep the essentials at hand)
    • Since you’re not using your own equipment, there’s no costly maintenance or repairs on your end
    • Timely service and good record keeping can reduce the risk of non-compliance fines and costly personal injury/property damage claims
  4. Contractors Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

    Having to shut down for bad weather can be incredibly costly for businesses. By ensuring that your property is taken care of quickly and efficiently, snow removal contractors enable you to keep your doors open as long as possible. This keeps customers – and revenue – coming in. A cleared property sends trust signals that you care about safety, and shows that you’re putting in the time and effort necessary to keep the property clear. This greatly increases your chances of drawing in customers, especially if competitors’ lots aren’t clear.

  5. Many Snow Removal Contractors Also Offer Seasonal Services

    While property owners may think that snow contractors are only in business during snow season, the truth is that many contractors offer year-round services. Offering snow removal services during snow season – and grounds management/landscaping during the warmer months – means that you can simplify things and have one company manage your property throughout the year. A bonus of having one company handle both snow removal and grounds management throughout the year is that the company really gets to know your property and tailor their services to fit your needs.

Looking for Snow and Ice Coverage Throughout the New Year?

Keep your business or commercial property covered with Snow Management Services. We have been managing Denver-area properties for over 25 years, and our experience lets us manage the worst winter has to throw at us. We offer the full range of snow removal and de-icing services – starting with in-depth winter planning & risk management – including sidewalk management and off-site snow hauling. To see how SMS can keep your Denver commercial property prepared for whatever winters throw at you, give us a call today at (303) 750-8867 or get in touch with us online to get started.