Make Sure Your Commercial Properties Are Maintained In The Winter Weather

Posted: May 04, 2015

Start in the summer months, to be ready for the winter weather. Planning ahead is the best step you can take to protect your commercial properties from the ravages of a severe snow storm. Not only is your property at risk for costly damage, but your employees, and clients alike, can be exposed to hazardous conditions.

Contact a professional snow removal, and management company, and make a plan for ice and snow maintenance, to be implemented when the need arises. Your contract will include arrangements for a “scope of service,” which can include things like having all the paved areas on your property salted at the onset of a snowfall, to making arrangements for snow plowing, and piling. You should discuss what conditions will determine when plowing should begin – after at least two inches of snow has collected, may be a good rule of thumb, for instance. Request a follow up visit to the property, to go back over any areas that may have been overlooked or inadvertently camouflaged the first time around.

Staking the property before the snow can obscure its boundaries will be beneficial to the snowplow drivers, who need to know where the roadways end, and the landscape begins. It will also mark the location of obstacles like drainage facilities, or air conditioning units. A snow removal company will want to make sure that high traffic routes, and open areas most susceptible to drifting snow, are identified in the layout map of your property, before their crew begins their work.

SMS is a professional snow removal company that will help maintain your commercial property in the winter months. To see what Snow Management Services can do for your Denver commercial property, give us a call at (303) 750-8867 or contact us online today!