In-House Snow Removal Maintenance May Not Be Sufficient

Posted: Jun 29, 2015

State and private university, and college campuses most often will have a snow maintenance crew, and some equipment on site, but when conditions are extreme, a professional team of snow and ice removal experts will be called upon for assistance.

Campus grounds are typically spread out over acres of land, including winding sidewalks, numerous parking facilities, and driveways. All these areas are ripe for snow and ice accumulation, which can threaten to bring college activities to a halt, including academic classes, and sporting events. Basketball teams for instance, may be coming in from surrounding communities to participate in a tournament that has been scheduled far in advance. If their transportation buses are unable to navigate the campus, the games may have to be cancelled, or postponed, possibly causing an inconvenient complication for all involved.

Having a contract in place with an acknowledged snow management service, will help assure campus officials that things will proceed as usual, when bad weather conditions arise. The service will provide the equipment needed, and the expertise to operate it properly, to stay a step ahead of the brunt of the storm. Getting an early start with de-icers and snow melting devices will go a long way toward preventing impassable conditions from materializing.

Colleges, and universities are frequent hosts to guest speakers, and educators who are esteemed in their respective fields. Faculty heads will want to be able to welcome visiting lecturers, and renowned professors to a safe and secure environment. They can count on snow management professionals to enable them to do that. SMS has the professionals and equipment to handle college campuses when a snow storm hits. To see what Snow Management Services can do for your Denver commercial property, give us a call at (303) 750-8867 or contact us online today!