Flat-Roofed Buildings Are Especially Vulnerable To Ice Dams

Posted: Apr 28, 2015

Most commercial buildings have flat roofs, which are naturally more susceptible to snow, and ice buildup. When snow falls, and collects on the roof, then melts, and refreezes, an ice dam can develop in the form of huge blocks of ice on the edges of the roof, and around drainage devices. An ice dam can actually cover the entire surface of a flat roof. When this happens, moisture can settle, and the water will leak into the roof, and through to the interior ceilings, damaging the insulation as it does.

Since snow is the prime factor resulting in the formation of an ice dam on any rooftop, a professional snow removal service is highly recommended. Experts will tell you that trying do it yourself methods, using sharp tools, and high powered blowers, may result in causing more harm to your roofing material. Professionals will never use pressure washers, or harsh chemicals. Instead they rely on the gentler, yet proven method of using steam machine technology. Crewmen will work together, one on the rooftop, and another on the ground below, to make sure the path is cleared for any falling chunks of ice.

Once the emergency has passed, and the snow and ice have been dealt with, you can discuss preventative maintenance. A snow management company representative can recommend measures that you can take to prevent the costly damages to your roof, that can result from ice and snow accumulation. Most importantly, you can arrange for periodic inspections to look for any signs of deterioration.

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