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Office Building Snow Management

Here at Snow Management Services, we know how important keeping your office building free of snow and ice during the winter is.

Beyond legal obligations, any blockage to your entrances or walkways can deter employees from showing up to work, and if you do business with customers in the building it can interrupt sales and ruin profits. Furthermore, snow and ice buildup in other areas can have a number of unforeseen consequences for your business and the property itself.

Roads, Parking, Walkways, and other Trafficked Areas.

It’s no secret that after a winter storm it is essential to clear your roads and walkways of accumulation and ice to keep them safely accessible for all comers. Generally, offices tend to have larger parking lots or structures than your average retail lot, so extra attention and effort will likely be required to make sure every inch is properly attended to. Make sure to promptly have entrances and exits to the property clear and parking lots plowed and ice free to avoid collisions, both between vehicles and with property installments. You never know, a large patch of ice could send somebody out of control and into your building itself! Parking garages, while free of snowfall, may ice over more quickly and severely due to generally lower temperatures inside, so be sure to monitor these structures carefully.

Keep sidewalks shoveled and properly de-iced to avoid slips and trips which introduce personal liability concerns. It is always a best practice to also ensure that your liability insurance covers snow/weather related incidents as many policies are beginning to not offer coverage for these types of events.

Beyond the obvious roads and pathways, make sure you are monitoring traffic to other areas of your property. Employees or customers may try and carve “shortcut paths” through the landscape to save themselves some walking, and while this may be perfectly safe in warmer months, rocky or grassy areas alike can become slick with ice and mud and present just as much of a risk to your visitors as unclear sidewalks. Monitor the traffic on your grounds carefully, and try to minimize such trail-blazing behavior. Outdoor courtyards or common areas are still likely to be utilized even in the cold, so make sure to give as much attention to these landscape features as the main pathways into your building.

Clearance for the Building Itself

Moving beyond your grounds, your building may have balconies, patios, or ‘indoor’ open courtyards which may receive just as much accumulation as the streets and landscape. Failure to clear these areas can result not only in a diminished experience for visitors due to unsafe access, but can cause structural damage to the building itself as well. Older buildings may require rooftop snow removal as well to prevent roof collapse.

Smaller Fixtures and Structures

Your snow removal responsibilities will likely extend beyond just your main building. Dumpster areas with spills and other debris become a quick ice concern, and though it may be one of the least accessed areas of your property, you still have a responsibility to look out for those employees who may be accessing it, as well as garbage pickup services. A frozen-over fire hydrant presents a huge risk in the event of a fire, however unlikely it may seem during the winter months. Icy mailbox areas present additional risk for postal workers, which you may be liable for. Water-mains with above ground shut-offs, septic tank access, electrical boxes and other utility fixtures of the like may require special attention to ensure proper function. While your property may only need some or none of these areas serviced, it is important to at least take these areas into consideration in preparation for whatever winter may throw your way.

With so much to account for when it comes to managing snowfall at your office building, it can quickly become too much to handle for a small team. Your best bet is to hire an outside contractor to tackle the project for you. Still not convinced? Take a look at our article about the advantages of hiring a snow removal company.

Choose an Experienced Snow Management Company

With 25 years of experience managing the ravages of Denver’s winters, SMS’ Snow Removal Services teams are equipped to handle all the unique needs of your business to ensure you and your visitors stay safe and open for business year round! Contact us today to set up a consultation and build a personalized service plan perfect for your office building.