An ASCA Certification Is Important In The Industry

Posted: Aug 12, 2015

The Accredited Snow Contractors Association was established with a purpose in mind. The snow management industry has to consider the risks involved with the business of using heavy equipment and making sure the people that they hire to operate that equipment are well-trained and up to the task. The more experience a company has had in dealing with the magnitude of a severe snowstorm, the more competent they will be.

Not only is a snow removal company at risk, but so are their customers and the insurance companies that provide protection from liability for the properties. Every businessman is concerned about the safety of his employees while on the job as well as any out sourced service people and delivery personnel.

In an effort to improve every aspect of the snow management services field the ASCA has established programs for the continued education and instruction of operatives in the industry. They encourage the interaction between snow service contractors by planning and directing seminars and conferences on a timely basis.

The ASCA is continually researching to update information vital to the progressive improvement of the services that their members offer. Any new data that they consider pertinent will be passed on to all affiliates of the association as a courtesy.

In order to receive certification from the ASCA associates of all phases of a snow removal and ice management service organization are required to successfully go through a curriculum of advanced classes. Once certification is achieved it must be renewed every year.

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