Snow Maintenance Is Considerate Of The Landscape

A commercial property manager is responsible for seeing to it that the customers and business associates who are seeing the property for the first time are suitably impressed. The landscape surrounding the buildings on the property is one of the first things that people will notice upon arrival.  A diligent manager will want to include colorful blooming flowers and shrubs that will enhance the evergreens and foliage of the landscape.

A property manager’s job is year round however, so he must also be careful not to let the landscape get so intricate that it interferes with winter maintenance operations.  The same clients who were so impressed by the lovely spring landscape will also need to be able to drive onto the property without fear of dangerous accumulations of snow and ice when the winter weather is in full force.

An essential part of hiring a snow and ice removal service is the initial walk-through of the property.  This is a good opportunity for the manager to gain insight into the ways a landscape can benefit snow maintenance efforts, or how it can hinder them.

A snow removal professional may point out that there should be a few feet of clear space on either side of a sidewalk in order to make it easier for the work crews to get their equipment in to clear the area.  The ground should slope away from the walkway in order to allow for runoff and keep re-freezing to a minimum.

Workmen often use de-icing chemical solutions to clear sidewalks leading into building entryways.  If border flowers or ground covers are too closeby they may be affected.  Your snow maintenance agent may suggest using raised decorative containers along these areas.

There are many ways to incorporate a successful snow management plan and still maintain an attractive landscape design.  Plant types and locations are two important considerations. Your Snow Management Services representative in Denver will be able to offer a complete plan of operation keeping landscape preservation in mind.  Call 303-750-8867 to arrange for a consultation.