SMS Snow Management Services Welcome Your Questions

A property manager is responsible to the owner as well as any tenants or employees that live or work on the property. The most important factor is that of safety, especially in emergency conditions. A winter storm can bring icy conditions that present a danger to pedestrians as well as people who need to drive onto or out of the property.

Part of the job description on any snow management service’s business website will include what methods they use to prevent ice buildup on the sidewalks and parking lots of a commercial property.

When a property manager is shopping for a service he should look for efficiency. The sooner a de-icer is applied the better the chances are that it will work effectively. If a de-icing compound is on the pavements before the snow hits them the flakes will turn to slush instead of ice as they fall. It is much easier for snow plows to remove a watery covering of slushy snow than to break through a hard coating of ice.

The types of deicers to be used and how they should be applied will depend on the kind of snowfall that maintenance crews will be working against. The pre-treatment – and charges – for dealing with a light and dry snowfall will differ greatly from preparing to handle a wet and heavy precipitation. The duration of the storm will also affect rates. A property may need more than a one time application of a deicing compound if the snow is predicted to fall for some length of time. A savvy property manager will make sure that his snow management service has a plan in place for any contingency.

Do the trucks spread wet salt? Professionals have known for some time that pre moistened salt will spread more evenly and minimize waste. When snow mixes with wet salt it will melt faster.

Aa a property manager part of your job is to keep expenses under control, but don’t cut corners when it comes to safety issues. SMS Snow Management Services in Denver offers 24 hour weather monitoring as a part of their maintenance plans. Call 303-750-8867 to talk to a representative.