Schedule A Property Assessment With An Established Snow And Ice Management Business

Don’t take a chance, avoid the possibility of a roof cave-in due to an over accumulation of snow and ice. Meet with a reputable snow management company to assess your commercial property site, and recognize any areas that may require extra attention when dealing with the removal of winter snow and ice build-up.

If snow is allowed to accumulate on a rooftop for instance, it will actually insulate ice formations, and keep them from melting away naturally. Older buildings are more susceptible to cave-ins, because their structures were not built to support a significant weight increase. Added stress, poor maintenance, and layers of previous roofing material, are all contributing factors for dangerous consequences.

An assessor will look at any overhead areas, ramps, and outdoor stairways, where ice is likely to form, and snow may bond with concrete. He will determine that these are the primary areas that will need immediate attention, and they will be noted in his report, which will be kept on hand for work crews to refer to.

A significant storm may call for plow drivers to “pile” the snow. Your property assessment can identify the best areas for the stockpile, where it won’t block visibility, or affect walkways.

A respected snow management company will coordinate their services to match the needs of every customer, on an individual basis. They will have the best available equipment, and the newest technology at their disposal, to meet those needs.