Property Managers Will Do Extensive Investigating Before Contracting With A Snow Removal Service

The most important responsibility that a commercial property manager will assume, is to keep the property safe for personnel, and visitors. This task takes on added significance when the weather creates severe conditions. It will require taking the time to scrutinize the competition, and select the best service available, in order to be prepared when a winter storm warning is issued.

A property manager will look for a company who will work with him to set specific goals, to be ready well ahead of time to deal with any issues related to the approaching winter weather. He will contact a certified professional who is established, and dependable, and they will discuss the types of equipment that may be called for, what kind of chemicals may be used, and the break down for risk management, among other things.

After plows, and hand shovels have removed the snow from the surfaces of parking lots, and sidewalks, work crews will deal with the ice that has formed on those pavements. Anti-icing materials will have been applied to keep the accumulation of snow and ice to a minimal, and de-icing treatments are used to melt away any that is left.

Sand is only effective to provide nominal traction. Rock salt is somewhat more efficient, but doesn’t work too well in intensely cold temperatures. Neither sand, nor salt are necessarily environmentally friendly, but there are more appropriate alternative methods that a snow management service will have at their disposal.