Prioritize Your Budget

Well established Denver businessmen and women know that securing a contract for snow removal is a primary concern. If you are a business owner new to the area take a book from their page and start looking for a contractor asap.

A good business manager knows that maintaining the budget is vital to the success of any enterprise, precedences must be determined and bottom lines set. Any list of priorities should start with safety. If employees and delivery services can’t get to your site without fear of risk, operations will definitely be compromised. If your business relies on customer flow you’ll need to keep the way to your front door clear of hazardous accumulations of ice and snow.

It’s important to set the wheels in motion before a major weather event hits, but you do have to ask some questions and get the answers that you need to hear in order to be confident in the service that you ultimately hire.

A local company will be familiar with the streets and byways in and around your business location and will know the best routes to take to get their crews and equipment there safely and in time to keep ahead of the storm. Speaking of which, be sure to meet with a company representative so that he can see your property and assure you that their fleet of heavy duty machinery is going to be adequate for your needs.

Men and women who operate the snowplows and haulers that are used to clear parking lots and driveways must be trained and certified for their jobs. Don’t hesitate to ask for documentation – a respectable service will be proud to offer it.

Don’t forget pedestrian traffic. A snow covered pathway can easily hide a sheet of ice that may lie underneath. Accidental slips and falls are a major factor in risk management. Request that preventive de-icing materials be spread to help deter ice buildup.

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