Prioritize The Plan

Icy sidewalks and driveways are two of the most dangerous hazards that can result from a winter weather event. A prudent program for snow management should definitely include a plan for controlling ice accumulations.

The flat rooftop of a commercial office building is another prime target for ice formation. If snow drifts are left to pile up on the roof the runoff will soon refreeze and when the ice melts it can result in leaky roofing systems which can mean expensive repair bills for the business owner.

The icicles that form on the sides of the buildings of a property can be pretty to look at but they are potential risks to the pedestrians below. A snow management team has to follow up after the main event to make sure that ice hazards are removed as they form.

Having a snow and ice maintenance service on call is the best way to assure that your business will be able to carry on operations during the next big snowstorm. The safety of your customers and employees depends on having a plan of action ready.

There is a lot of planning involved in snow management. One of the many details that must be considered is the element of time. A service will ask for a schedule of operations for your business day in order to make sure entryways and parking lots are cleared on time so that employees can be ready to go to work and clients can come and go without risk.

Every property has certain points of particular concern. Covered walkways for example, are nice in the summertime but because they are shaded from the sun they can become sheets of ice in the freezing cold. A well planned out order of priorities will ensure that early attention is directed to these and other high risk areas on the property.

SMS Snow Management Services in Denver places an emphasis on pre-planning. They will send a representative to your property to map out the site and assess risk management factors. Call SMS @ 303-750-8867.