Let The Professionals Help

Property managers are entrusted with protecting the safety of the employees or tenants that live and work on the premises of a business or residential complex that they have been hired to manage. They are also held responsible for any liability issues that may affect the property owners.

That’s a lot of obligation for one person to take on, and that’s why a smart property manager knows how to delegate. Once a feasible plan for snow and ice removal has been agreed upon and a manager feels assured that it will be set in motion at the appropriate time, he can breathe a little easier.

Getting to that point requires a professional hand. SMS snow management services can provide that professionalism. The company has been deploying equipment and crews to commercial venues in the Denver metro area for twenty years under the supervision of founder, John Alexander. Their training and experience has been recognized by the Accredited Snow Contractors Association, one of the most respected organization of the industry.

One of the first things a representative of SMS will ask a property manager to do is to accompany him on a tour around the facility. The best time to do this of course is when the weather is clear and every nook and cranny on the property can be seen – the element of surprise is not good for a snow removal plan. The equipment crews have to know where the areas of specific concern are and if there are designated spaces to accommodate snow collections on the property.

The SMS representative will stress the importance of clearing the walkways on the property as well as the roadways. Sunlight can definitely be a big help in melting away a snow accumulation, but sidewalks tend to be more shaded than wide open areas so they will probably be less affected by the sun. This is why the removal crews will used special de-icing materials along with snow blowers, as an extra deterrent.

Let the experience and know how of the SMS professionals take care of your commercial snow removal needs. Call SMS @ 303-750-8867.