Have A Feasible Plan In Place

Snow removal is at the top of the list of concerns for Colorado business people.  Corporate managers have to make certain that they contract with a reliable service that will be on the site with the kind of equipment that can meet the specific needs of the property.  In order to do this managers must have all their ducks in a row, so to speak, well ahead of the winter season.  

What should a property manager look for in his search for a dependable snow removal service?  Personal references from business associates is one way to gain insight to the quality of services available in the area.  Once he has a list of several snow services a manager can review the websites to find the one that seems to be the best fit for his purposes.  He should then take the time to visit the business and see for himself the line of heavy equipment they have at their disposal and how it is maintained.  Meeting personally with management can pave the way to a better understanding of expectations.

The snow service contractor should have questions as well.  A good test of an experienced service is the way in which the representative gathers information that pertains to the basic needs of a particular site.  He should ask about the size of the property he is assessing, the landscape and terrain, accessibility to major thoroughfares, and if there is room on the property for stockpiling the snow.  He should also determine if the sidewalks, entryways and parking lots are to be treated with deicing materials and if so if you as the client prefer to use chemical solutions or stick with sand and salt.

A well established snow service business will have more than one line of communication open to keep clients aware of predicted storms, when the crews arrive on their site and how the work is progressing throughout the storm.  They may call, text or email with pertinent updates.

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