Happy Birthday To The USA


The 4th of July.  Independence Day.  In the revolution against England – 250,000 men and women gave their lives so that we might all live in a country whereby religious freedoms are important, the ability to start and run fledgling business’s is encouraged, and where we can (essentially) live free of tyranny and oppression.  Of course, some will say we are oppressed by the US Government today, but overall it is better than the alternatives.

We should all be thankful for the sacrifices made by those who came before us so that we might have the ability to pursue our dreams to the best of our ability.  Our company has been one of the fortunate ones, to be able to chase dreams and become comfortable with the effort.   This particular Holiday should allow all to think of the benefits of good parents who did an outstanding job providing a home and food for ones’ self and siblings.

We are indeed fortunate to live in the United States of America.  Do we have problems and issues?  You bet we do.

But, we work through our problems without a coup or military violence directed against the government.  It feels good to be here and to be an American.  Don’t misunderstand the sentiment – there are some VERY ugly Americans out there.  Arrogant, rude, and unruly sometimes.  But, this still is a great country, and we are all privileged and blessed to live here.

Happy Birthday to the USA !!!!