Emergency Conditions May Require The Help Of Your Snow Management Service

A Colorado business owner will know to include provisions for snow, and ice removal in the yearly budget, for there is little doubt that these services will be called upon, probably more than once throughout the winter, and going into the early spring months.

The weather can also be responsible for creating an emergency situation caused by a water main break. The Public Works Dept. of most cities takes responsibility for the management of any type of fiasco that may interfere with traffic, and the safety of community members, but private property is not a priority.

A water main break can happen in either of two ways. An existing crack in a pipe may burst from the pressure of the weight of ice and snow build up, causing gallons of water to explode onto pavements, or that same pressure can put holes in the pipe, which will lead to a slow leak. If your water pipes are older, they are probably made of cast iron, and are less flexible, and more susceptible to breakage. If your business complex is at risk to experience a water main break, you can rely on your private snow removal service to handle the cleanup.

Don’t hesitate to call for help, since a major water main break can lead to other ramifications. All that water can freeze over on your parking lots, putting employees, and guests driving onto the property, in danger, and if left to stand too long, a dangerous sinkhole could develop.