Crew Members Are Prepared

There’s a lot to consider before deciding to contract with a snow removal company that will be responsible for keeping your business site safe and accessible during bad weather conditions. Of course they have to have the kind of equipment that can handle the job, but it is just as important that the drivers of that heavy duty equipment be highly capable and responsible.

A snow plow operator for instance, doesn’t just drive the truck. He has to be able to man the various controls that push the snow, lift it and transfer it to be hauled away if necessary. This kind of manual dexterity takes training and practice.

The driver has the ultimate responsibility of making sure that his vehicle is in proper operating condition at all times. A snow plow driver doesn’t always keep to a regular shift schedule, he has to be ready to go to work at any time of the day or night.

Preparation is key in the snow removal business. Before crews arrive on the scene they have to be familiar with the layout. Rapid falling snow accumulation may obscure the ability to see otherwise obvious points of specific concern.

If the property manager has designated areas on the site that are adequate for stockpiling the snow, the plow drivers need to be assessed of that fact and know where those locations are. Piling snow in the wrong place could block fire lanes or impede access to hydrants. If on the other hand, there is no space on the grounds to accommodate the excess snow, the drivers will have to know the routes to off site locations that have been reserved to receive the snow.

Pre-prepared site maps offer a guideline to heavy equipment operators and pinpoint emergency entrances and high traffic areas. It is the driver’s responsibility to study the plans and blueprints so that they will know exactly where to concentrate their efforts.

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