Cheaper Is Not Always Better

When a potential customer calls to get a price for plowing services, some contractors want to know why that customer is considering changing vendors.  It is a fair question.  If the customer is unsatisfied with the service provided by the previous contractor, this is a customer worth spending time with in order to ascertain the reasons for being unsatisfied.  You might find that the previous contractor was undercharging for his services thus necessitating the need to ‘shortcut’ the job in order to make a viable profit.  In these cases you may need to be frank with the customer and tell them that they were not paying enough for the service and that you are going to be more expensive – but the quality of work will be better.  A potential customer that wants you to provide better service at the same price is not looking for quality and dependability.  They are looking for the ‘cheap price’.

If they are just looking to ‘check pricing’, then you may want to avoid getting involved with such tactics, unless you do need the practice quoting work without getting anything in return.  Price shoppers will change vendors next year or, worse yet, mid season just to get a ‘cheaper price’.  In this industry, the cheap price usually ends up being un-justified by the second significant snowfall when the “service” just isn’t there.