Be Ready For Spring Snows

There’s an old time saying that has to do with the concept that a woman’s work is never done.  The same thought can be applied to the work of an apartment complex manager.  Just when he thinks that the woes of winter are behind him along comes a spring snowstorm – this is often the case for those who live and work in Colorado.  Hopefully the manager has a master plan in place that covers just such a phenomenon.

The best way to be ready for whatever Mother Nature may have in store is to pre-arrange a contract with a well established snow removal service in close vicinity to the apartment site.  A local service will be aware if a significant snowfall is a definite possibility and will be ready to roll as soon as it is predicted.

Pre planning and efficient action are two of the most important aspects to look for when considering a service.  The longer a company has been in business the more likely it will be to have experienced a variety of spring weather events that may include snow and ice accumulation.

Even though seasoned residents of Colorado have become accustomed to the fact that the early spring months bring record amounts of snow, a lot of apartment tenants are new to the area.  They may have to be gently reminded about inclimate weather parking procedures and the extra precautions that should be taken to prevent slips and falls on sidewalks and entryways.

In accordance with the responsibilities that an apartment manager takes on, safety of the tenants is a major consideration.  Asking the right questions of a snow service representative is essential to assuring their competence.  Managers should never hesitate to ask about licensing and the level of training achieved by the heavy equipment operators that work for the company.  State required insurance policies should be documented.

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