Ask Questions And Check Qualifications

When you’re a business owner or property manager in Colorado you have to prepare for cold weather conditions. A snow removal strategy for instance, has to be in readiness for the first big event of the season.

Get it in writing! Don’t be satisfied with word of mouth agreement, always negotiate a formal contract with the service. The terms should cover your expectations concerning response time, areas of specific concern, communication and the responsibilities for risk.

A less experienced enterprise may bite off more than they can chew by booking too many clients. Make sure that the service you contract with is well equipped to see to your needs in a timely manner.

When you are shopping online you may often refer to “customer reviews” to help you make a decision about purchasing a particular product. Asking for business references is much the same thing. Ideally you will know a business associate who can recommend a service that they have used in the past with excellent results. If not however, a trustworthy business representative will be more than happy to provide an account of existing customers. Go down the list – don’t just pick from the top – and find three or four names to contact. Talking with a satisfied or dissatisfied for that matter, client of the service will give you a more personal point of reference.

Certifications are as important as personal recommendations. The Accredited Snow Contractors Association is the gold standard for approval in the industry. They regularly review and verify the degree of excellence in administration and performance of candidates for recognition. A confirmation of the quality of operations from the ASCA is something that every snow management organization strives for. It also provides official documentation that the service has implemented an exemplary risk management plan.

SMS is proud to acknowledge recognition from the ASCA. They have earned SN 9001 certification which is the latest standard of excellence set in motion by the association. You can trust SMS to deliver quality service in all aspects of snow management. Call 303-750-8867 to talk to a representative today.