A Commercial Parking Lot Will Require Professional Service

Studies were conducted to discover which of the more traditional paving materials, asphalt or concrete would be more resistant to the accumulation and any long term effects of snow and ice.  The tests were conducted in a winter climate between the months of November and April and the results determined that there was no significant difference in the way the two materials reacted.  So, unless you can afford to install under the surface heating elements in the parking lots of your business sites you’d better have a reliable snow and ice removal plan in store.

Finding the right service will depend on several factors.  The size of the lot will largely determine the cost to keep it cleared during and after a snowstorm.  A company representative should be able to give you a qualified estimate when he surveys your site.  Another consideration on the list should be whether or not your property can accommodate stockpiling or if the service will need to find an alternate offsite location for the excess snow.  This should be a priority decision in an effort to avoid any loss of parking space due to piled up snow.

As you walk the site with the service representative place reflectors along strategic spots to serve as markers and outline the property’s boundaries. This will eliminate any confusion on the part of the heavy equipment operators, saving you both time and money.

Pavements can be pre-treated with a chemical deicer or if you prefer the service can use the more traditional methods of spreading sand or salt.  You will want to keep in mind the safety of any pets or children in the vicinity when making this decision.  Border landscaping of your sidewalks could also be affected by the wash off of a chemical compound.

The testimonials found on the website of Snow Management Services in Denver tell the story of a reliable and experienced business that customers have relied on to keep their commercial sites up and running during the worst winter weather conditions.  Visit the site @ www.smssnow.com.